Thursday, August 18, 2011

NYC 101

As for New York City
it is a place apart.
There is not its match
in any other country
in the world.
Pearl S . Buck

This weekend I will be in New York for a family wedding. And yes I have a camera to capture all the sights to share on this blog. The bride-to-be is a puppeteer with a traveling theater company. I have been told that several of her colleagues will be performing at the reception. Should be an interesting event.
The anticipation of a new place to explore is half the fun. In my research I found out that New York City is all about the numbers.
The city is divided into 5 bouroughs-the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.
Some 70 languages are spoken.
There are 26 subway routes.
Some 30,000,000 yearly visitors to Central Park.
And there are 50 skyscrapers taller than 656 feet.
I look forward to sharing my adventures with you.

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