Sunday, October 23, 2011

The World According To Bella

The following information came from Wikipedia
Did you know that it is a commonly held belief that no word in the English language rhymes with the word orange? One study of 5,411 one syllable English words found there are 80 words with no rhyme one being orange. The lack of rhyme for orange has inspired many numerous silly verses such as the following one penned by Gemma Stott in 2007.

What word rhymes with Orange?
It's starting to puzzle me
With all the words we use each day
To find one should be easy

It's like trying to rhyme 'purple'
Nothing's ever really right
It's like 'silver' or even 'month'
Finding a match is such a fight!

There has to be a word out there
Start to run through the alphabet
'Lorenge?' 'Torenge?' Those aren't even words
Why's this rhyme so hard to get

I can't find a single match
I've now wasted so much time
This is getting so impossible
I can't find anything that rhymes!

So what word rhymes with Orange?
This quest is getting really tough
I can't find a single word...
Syringe! That's close enough!

It's All About The Orange penned by Bella

My owners preferred choice of color these days is orange-orange and more orange. Seems the hunting season puts everyone in overdrive around here to accessorize with this blazing color. Which means I get dressed up in these ridiculous outfits and isn't even Halloween. They seem awfully worried some hunter might mistake me for a deer on the loose. Next thing you know they will probably make me wear some silly mask or carry a Trick or Treat bag in mouth and go door to door. Really I don't care for this color but my owners thinks it compliments my autumn fur tones. Can you believe my owners went so far as to get matching coats? What were they thinking?
Today I am not outside much since I need my beauty rest. My weekend play date with Sadie, an English setter, exhausted me. Sometimes I had a hard time keeping up with her high energy. But what fun we had chasing, pouncing, leaping and jumping with each other. Once in awhile I did find it hard to share my toys and water bowl. But what a bonus when her owner brought out the rawhide bones, my favorite treat.
Some pictures from my eventful weekend have been posted. Be sure to click on picture for full screen viewing!

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