Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catching Up with Room 13

Kindergartners may have trouble holding their pencils correctly and forming their letters
but they sure know how to accessorize!
In case you are wondering what this necklace is all about...here was the explanation I heard when I asked.
Its my box to hold my tooth in when it falls out.
I had to ask who this character was printed on the shirt. It is from the movie Despicable Me.
Pink and Purple are some in colors.

I did enjoy helping out on the partner activity Leaf Number Hunt. 

Leaves were scattered about in the classroom and they had a sheet to record when they found the numbers 1-20. I must say that anything over 10 was challenging for some.
Some toys never go out of style for playtime. Remember Lincoln Logs? There are an authentic piece of Americana.
I thought it was interesting to find out ...

When it comes to building with wood, Lincoln Logs is the name that stands alone as the very best. Lincoln Logs was invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, the son of one of America's most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. The idea of Lincoln Logs came to the younger Wright as he observed the building techniques used to construct the Imperial Palace Hotel in Tokyo. The product is named after Abraham Lincoln, the President who began his celebrated life in a log cabin in Kentucky.
A perfect fall activity; learning all about the cycle of a pumpkin  
After the seeds had been scooped out the class enjoyed a morning treat of roasted and salted pumpkin seeds. 
They loved learning a new song to the tune of I'm A Little Teapot

I'm a little pumpkin
Orange and round.
Here is my stem,
There is the ground.
When I get all cut up,
Don't you shout!
Just open me up
And scoop me out!

But the best comment I heard was when the teacher asked a little girl to get a book and bring it over for me to read to her. The kindergartner hands me the book and was quite sincere when she looked at me and said. "Do you know how to read?"

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  1. Very cute story - especially the "do you know how to read?" comment.