Friday, July 23, 2010

Sock Competition

Written by Rocky Socky
Flyers went out last week from the Sock Mart. The Sock Competition was scheduled for this past Wednesday at 2:00. Holokai and Will have been busy the past few weeks collecting mismatched socks. They even emptied the sock recycling bin in front of the store. I planned my day off for Wednesday so I could help them. Last weekend Will passed out flyers advertising the event while Holokai entertained the crowd on the sock tree. The fairies and elves are supplying prizes. I am donating a free 6 month bus pass for the Sockland Express.
On the scheduled day I was quite surprised at the gathering crowd when I drove up to the Sock Mart. It was only noon so this was a very good sign. It also meant more customers and hopefully more sales. As each customer entered the store a numbered ticket was given out by the manager. Each customer was instructed to sign their name on a ticket and place it in a large glass bowl. At 2:00 the manager planned to draw 10 names from the bowl. The lucky 10 names will be the contestants for the Sock Competition. The rule of the competition would be announced at that time.
As the time drew close to 2:00 you could really feel the waiting crowd's anticipation. Everyone went crazy when Holokai and his sock monkey friends bounced into the roped off area swinging two clothes baskets. Behind them came Will dragging two very large bulging bags of socks. One clothes basket was set at the end of the very long table. At the other end of the table the second clothes basket was placed. Next to each basket Will dumped out a bag of mismatched socks.
The manager stepped forward and welcomed the crowd. He went over the rules: Two contestants would compete at a time. Each one was to fill their clothes basket with matching pairs of socks found from the pile of mismatched socks next to the basket. The matching pairs had to be folded together. The winner would be the one who has the basket with the most matched pairs after 2 minutes. There would be 5 winners and prizes would be given at the end of the competition.

As the manager drew two tickets out of the glass bowl the crowd held their breath. The first two contestants names were announced. Holokai turned the handle on the monkey grinder machine to announce the start with a bit of music. The crowd clapped and whistled as the first two contestants started. A winner was announced after round one. There were four more rounds after that. Do you have any idea how many matched pairs of socks you could come up with in 2 minutes? I certainly was surprised how quick many contestants were.
First prize was a very large bag of fairy dust supplied by the fairies.
Second prize supplied by the elves were dragonfly gold coins
Third prize: Gift certificate to new store called
Fourth prize: Gift certificate to The Sock Mart
Fifth Prize: A 6 month free bus pass for Sockland Express
One of the biggest surprises of the afternoon was when the manager announced anyone who put a name on a ticket in the glass bowl was entitled to a 50% off coupon for socks.
Needless to say business was brisk on Wednesday plus everyone had such a good time!
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