Sunday, January 15, 2012

The World According To Bella

A Vanishing Act
My owners got a new set of wheels so we headed Up North to try them out. Ordinarily I'd be jumping up and down, wagging my tail knowing I could finally escape the city condo for lake life but let me tell you  what I was forced to endure for many, many hours. My owners seem to be on some type of safety kick and I am the victim. I was stuffed into this harness thingie which was attached to van seat belt. Now I ask you how comfy can that be? I was only able to sit up, look out the window or rest lying down on the seat. I have been banned from moving about towards the front. My last van trip sent them over the edge with my antics moving about the van, hanging over the front console and leaning on their arms while they were trying to drive. Gosh, all I really wanted was a front seat invitation! Was I ever glad when we finally arrived and my harness belt was unbuckled. I practically flew out the door to escape. 
Finally, my excellent adventure could begin.  I wore myself out exploring the land and looking for new stuff. One of my owners was so grossed out when I proudly brought home a prize: a large fish head. Ice fishing is in full swing on the lake. But all in all I was happy with the trade:fish head for milkbone. 
After napping and resting much of the evening I had this urge to go outside. Never mind the fact it was 4:00 AM I just had to pee. Well my owner was really not too alert and missed snapping the tether line to my collar. Oops...I could not believe my good fortune. I was free. Off I vanished... into the night. The sounds and smells made my nose and ears twitch. I knew they would never catch up with me. But the thrill of the chase wore off after awhile and I returned home. Lucky they left the porch light on and the door unlocked. Despite all their fuss about my absence I resumed my napping position and good dreams about catching rabbits.
When daybreak came I knew my punishment forthcoming. Despite being so sleepy my owner insisted and dressing me up in this really ridiculous pink cowgirl outfit to show you.  Next thing I know she will be getting me pink boots. Seems I have this new set of duds for an upcoming road trip to somewhere I had never heard of called Texas. Another road trip does not excite me one bit. The only good part so far is I have been promised that I can do all the blogging for this trip just like last year. So will keep you posted on departure date.

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