Saturday, January 28, 2012

The World According to Bella

Getting Serious
I am worried! Looks like they are really getting serious around here about leaving on this thing they call "road trip".  It has been an exhausting day watching them clean, pack, load that I just had to lay down in my doggie den and think about it all. 
As you can see I am less than enthused to have my regular routine interrupted. Some 1,300 miles to get to this place called Texas sounds like a LOT of car riding but heck... its an adventure ! And way  better than being left behind. Remember my Florida escapades last year running free on the beaches, chasing  birds and eating lots of nasty stuff?  Well  I have been warned I might not be so lucky this year. For one thing dogs can not run free on these beaches. But I did perk up when I heard something about having a nice big fenced in yard to play in.
So today was my last day at the doggie park for quite awhile. My doggie friends seemed sad. One really nice lady even had an extra treat bag for me.
Now for the good news. I finally can get back to the cyber world. Besides blogging which I have missed doing I now know how to tweet (can follow @ sockfairies).  So will do my best to keep you all up with my Texas adventures. One of my owners is really geared up for this trip. She wants to explore this kind of food called Tex-Mex. She plans on trying lots of new recipes and is prepared with a brand new large spice bottle of cumin, a staple for Tex-Mex food.
Yikes! my chestnut colored eyes turned green for this photo. Maybe because I cringed wearing this ridiculous outfit again.    

 Wish me luck!

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