Monday, October 6, 2014

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins and Firefighters

poem by George Cooper
A tutorial you do not want to miss-so creative requiring imagination,Tulip Glow Dark Paint and a plastic pumpkin. How easy is that!
There's nothing like a fire truck to capture the attention of a kindergarten class. It was the highlight of their day. After an all school assembly with the fire fighters this was the best part...each got a turn spraying water from the fire hose.
                                                                           A good time had by all.
Their teacher had them well prepared. They read stories about fire fighters and all the good work they do. I particulary liked the fact a girl was pictures on the cover.
And they learned a counting song using numbers.

Afterwards they had a discussion about all the ways they can help at home and then wrote...  
We can help.
Ever Ready is taking a vacation from cooking and heading out east. This week is a trip to New England  to see the fall colors. Check back during the week. Hopefully there will be some pictures to share. First stop Boston.

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