Friday, October 17, 2014

The World According to Bella

I've been without a computer for over a week and it seemed like foreverrrrrrrrrrrr Mrs. S was on her trip. I really missed her. She always thinks up fun things to do plus I have lots to tell.  Mrs. S did not forget about me. Look what I got 
doggie treats both in my favorite flavor peanut butter. Since  I'm still supposed to be on a diet I ate one and am saving the other for tomorrow.
This week I got three letters. Each one filled with a few lo-cal peanut butter flavored snacks. Today another envelope arrived. It makes going to the mailbox lots of fun. I'm counting that makes 11 letters so far. Lucky me. 
I wanted you to know my story "I've Got Mail" was published in WWN.
But the best part was three people sent me mail via WWN. Check out their comments.  
Love, Bella

You'll never guess what household product (readily available in your pantry) will clean your stainless appliances,toaster, teapot, coffee pot. I tried it and it really works! 
Check this link out...I couldn't believe this one

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