Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Close Call

Chapter Three: The Rescue
Will, still clutching his own sock and the one Holokai had found, dashed toward the door. Just as he stepped over the threshold an alarm went off which in turn sent other sock security scurrying in different directions. Will sprinted to catch up with the sock security who had a firm grasp on Holokai's arm. They quickly disappeared into the Security Station. As Will pushed open the heavy door he felt someone from behind grab his shirt. " Stop! You have a lot of explaining to do causing all this commotion" said the sock security. "We have rules here at The Sock Bank."
"I can explain everything," said Will taking a deep breath.
By now a very frightened Holokai was shaking as two other sock security stood over him. In between sobs Will heard "But I was only trying to help Will find his sock."
"Look, my little friend Holokai has never been to The Sock Bank before. He doesn't know about any rules and he was just trying to help me. Please let him go," pleaded Will.
So after what seemed a very long lecture the sock security wrote out two citations and handed each of them a piece of paper. "Read this carefully. Both of you are not allowed back here at The Sock Bank for one month. And then when you do return you will have to sign in and get an escort for the time you are inside. Futhermore you will have to return this sock that has a tag on back to me."
Will reluctantly handed over the one sock, disappointed to give up the matching mate Holokai was so proud to find.
Back at the bus stop Holokai was still sniffling as they waited for The Sockland Express. "Look Holokai I have an idea. Let's go to The Sock Mart at the mall. I read they are having a holiday special on socks. I am sure there will be something just your size there. Perhaps we might even get lucky and find some bunny slippers I saw as an advertised special," said Will trying to cheer him up.
Holokai sat up a little straighter and a smile curved across his face. He was tired of wearing his sandals from Maui and did wish for something warm for his feet.
The Sockland Express Bus was right on time. As Rocky Socky opened the door he knew something was wrong.

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Wishing all of you a very happy holiday. Perhaps you will get lucky and find a new pair of socks in your basket!

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