Monday, April 26, 2010

Born To be Wild

Chapter Nine: Off to a Shaky Start
As the Sockland Express pulled up in front of the Sock Mart, a sizable crowd had already gathered waiting for the store to open. Just as Will and Holokai approached the front door screams and shrieks began. "Look! There he is!" yelled several customers who then ran towards them.
As the crowd size increased the manager hurriedly came out. He had a huge bullhorn in his hand. His voice boomed, "Stand back everyone! Let Holokai and his friend Will in the door. You can see his show which starts shortly. He will be on the sock tree in the display window. While you wait don't forget to fill out entry slip to enter the drawing. Each hour one lucky name will be picked to win a pair of monkey socks just like the ones Holokai has on today. Be sure to check out all our store specials when you are doing your shopping."
While the crowd rushed to the table to get a form, Will and Holokai managed to slip by and run into the store. They were loaded down with several bags. "Wow, that was a close call. I might say Holokai, they seem seem rather excited to see you today. Let's go get all your stuff set up." said Will.
The last few days Will had been helping Holokai plan tricks with a few crowd pleasing surprises. Will reminded Holokai about the manager's rules: He was the only one allowed on the tree, only one pair of monkey socks an hour could be given away and no other socks from the tree could be given to the customers.
Just as the clock neared 10:00 Holokai bounced out to the front window. He waved to the crowd. The laughed uproariously at his outfit. Will had made him a little superman costume. It was a one piece light blue suit with a red cape. Holokai felt quite invincible and I might add strong as he swung from branch to branch performing all sorts of gymnastic tricks. He felt like a trapeze artist swinging high above the crowd. All the applause pumped him up even more.
After an hour or so Will brought out his uncle's antique organ grinder. A hush fell over the crowd as they were fascinated to see how it worked. As Will turned the handle a lively tune could be heard. Holoklai bounced around the crowd that had gathered near the window with a tin cup in his hand. Each time a coin clinked into the cup he clapped his hands in delight. This was indeed a crowd pleaser. Holokai's four hours were almost up when he ran to his bag and pulled several bunches of bananas. And that's when the real trouble began...

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