Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Job for Will

Chapter Six:Please Say Yes!
"Please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeese Will. Can I, can I?" whined Holokai bouncing up and down.
"We have to ask Rocky Socky. After all he is your caretaker and it's up to him not me to decide," said Will.
The manager's offer took them both by surprise. He must have had a quick change of heart wanting to hire Holokai. He thought it would be good for weekend business having Holokai performing tricks on the sock tree for shoppers.
The Sockland Express bus pulled right up on time. Holokai wasted no time running ahead of Will and others waiting to get on the bus. "Rocky Socky you'll never believe what happened! I got an offer to work on the weekends. Say yes... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee?"
"Wait for everyone to get on the bus first before you tell me your story,"said Rocky Socky.
They took front row seats behind him. The bus took off down the road and picked up speed. Will could feel the bus rising high into the air as it sailed over Sockland heading for home. "Okay Holokai, now what's this about a job?" asked Rocky Socky.
Holokai rushed into the story barely pausing for a breath. "I must say this certainly is an unexpected offer." said Rocky Socky. " But I do not see how this will work with my schedule. Sometime weekends are very busy for me. And besides you need someone to be with you at all times. Perhaps Will would be willing to take this on as a job if we paid him some money out of your salary. It would be like being a manager."
Will could see this seemed really important to Holokai and agreed but he laid out some conditions. "Holokai, if you want this to work you have to listen and follow the policies set up by the manager at the store. Also you can not invite anyone up on the tree to be a part of your act. And lastly, you will have to practice your routine first at home and let me see it. I want to make sure you will be safe doing these tricks."
" I promise Will to do it all. Thank, thank you," said Holokai.
The ride home seemed to go by very fast as they discussed the new job. Suddenly Will had a panicked look on his face. "Holokai, in all the excitement talking to the manager and hurrying to the bus I forgot the socks we bought," said Will.
Holokai very sheepishly fished something out of his pocket. "But Will, look what I still have."

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