Monday, November 5, 2012

Viviers, France

A family of swans greeted us as at breakfast. They greedily accepted bits of bread thrown off the balcony from passengers.
As we disembarked, a Sycamore tree lined path led us into a charming French town, Viviers. Many of the buildings date back to 12th and 13th century. Parts of the movie Chocolat (2000 Johnny Depp) was filmed here. 
Narrow winding streets led us many places. 
Doors, steps and paths led us to many new discoveries.

A beautiful quaint church was just one of those discoveries. 
We have learned that in France many of the churches and villages pay tribute to all those children who have lost their lives in World War I and II by posting their names on a plaque.
 Ancient Ruins

Anyone up for a Pastis drink? It is an anise flavor that is diluted with water served over ice.
It's all about the presentation for food aboard this cruise. A mouth watering warm chocolate lava cake on cream anglaise was truly hard to resist.  

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