Friday, September 6, 2013

The World According to Bella

When I saw this beautiful sunrise today I knew just the poem to post that is a fitting tribute to nature's beauty. 
The sun rises and another day turns its face westward with the dawn.
What awaits us as we spy the light, sharing its brightness with each passing minute, casting golden rays upon the newborn day?
It buries the dark, rising, overpowering the night and making yesterdays varying triumphs and failures fade; bringing hope for today.
She renews each piece of earth from horizon to here as I watch;
Field and prairie ablaze with red, yellow and glowing orange.
Twinkling white diamonds of water; ponds, lakes, streams, even mighty oceans rise to glow in the shimmering greatness of gentle rays.
Living things await the coming day, some to rise, some to sleep,
But all know it is a new day, with new choices,
given to us, rising, on the Hand of God.

by Paul
I Got Mail  Everyday Mr. C and I walk down the road to the mailbox.  I am always hopeful to get something. Today was my lucky day. My very own copy of Healthy Pet magazine arrived. Check out the cover. It even has my name on it. 
It was the perfect afternoon to stay inside with the AC and get started on my reading.  
There were lots of interesting stories to read. I especially liked the adventure story called Lost Dog. I just couldn't believe a Labrador who went missing down south ended 1,854 miles from his home and was found safely in a Canadian Park. He had lost his dog tag but park rangers found out he had a microchip in him. And they were able to find his owners. Mrs. S assured me that if I got lost my microchip would help someone return me to them safely. I just can't figure out where on me is this thing called microchip. I was really surprised when Mr. C told me it was put in my neck. 

Did you know that Norman Rockwell, the painter, liked to paint dogs as well as people? His own dogs often hung out with him in his studio. Mrs. S is always collecting quotes so she liked the story about Rockwell. He was once quoted as urging other artists to depict four-legged creatures just as carefully and understandingly as you paint people. I think he sounded like a very nice man. I wish he could have painted a picture of me. I know Mr. C and Mrs. S would hang it up.  

But the page that really caught my attention was the article TOP PET POISONS. Especially when I saw the word Chocolate at the top of the list. I began to pant and tremble when I read...While one or two chocolate chips aren't a big deal, but larger amounts can be poisonous. I remembered all those Hershey kisses,  foil wrappers and plastic bags I ate last Christmas and was really, really sick. Unfortunately, I had another chocolate episode last week. You'd think Mrs. S would have been more careful and remembered this party favor incident. Mrs. S has a  big clothes basket she stores stuff in to return more stuff back to the cities from the lake. I was Home Alone and really bored. The scent of food led me to the basket. I wasted no time digging. Way down at the bottom were two little bags of chocolate. I devoured them quickly. I then set out to rip open another bag. But it had a yucky taste. Later when I heard Mrs. S screaming something about wild rice and how expensive it is I ran for safety under the table. 
I was happy to see Mrs. S tear out the page  What to Do If Your Pet is Poisoned.

Mrs. S and I found this link in the magazine
it answered her question Why does my dog stick his head out the car window?

The last page got me real excited. It was Cute Pet Contest. Mrs. S thinks she has the perfect photo to send in and that I have a good chance to win.  
What do you think?
Love, Bella

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  1. More chocolate? Oh, boy. Apparently, Bella doesn't learn from her mistakes. Poor Bella.