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Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY Fall Projects

And the moment you all have been waiting for...
This is the name of the food column and its logo. I will keep you posted on this new writing adventure for the Pilot newspaper. 
And the winner of the prize for naming the food column is Jennifer from Minneapolis, MN
She wins a one year magazine subscription of her choice.
Thanks to all  those who submitted such creative ideas. It was a hard choice making a final decision.   

The Seasonal Plate
Seasonal Inspired Food Pairings
Creativity abounded with Bachman's Florist Fall Idea House for 2013. It was all about combining opposites old and new, light and dark, smooth and textured using conventional objects repurposed in a classy setting. For me some ideas were so off the charts I wondered who could ever come up with such unusual ideas. No doubt their design crew has been following Pinterest. It was an inspiring tour through the house and yard.
In back of the house a chest of drawers held succulent plants. It was displayed prominently in  the garden.
The front of the house had a welcoming fall floral display in the window boxes. 
Look carefully at this place setting. Instead of a traditional placemat an empty sprayed picture frame holds the table setting.

  Baskets turned upside down and made into light fixtures.
Window treatments fashioned from dishtowels and measuring tape ribbon.

This was one of my favorite repurposed items. A metal ironing board is the frame with magnets on the board with a clock attached to the ironing board. 
A suede valance with belts added as a decorative touch.
A reclaimed locker used as a bar and book storage.
A touch of humor...a bat suspended in a clothes chute.
You would never guess what this headboard is made from...a bank teller window!
Wooden ironing boards utilized as a shelving  unit.
This fall display was in a postal drawer labeled US Mail.

So ladies and gentleman... start your flea market and thrift shopping this weekend and see what you can come up with to repuropse. 

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