Monday, October 14, 2013

Holiday Entertainng

If pumpkin carving isn't for you-no need to worry. These Halloween no carve ideas are easy and certainly are eye-popping displays.
The ideas come from BHG and Family Circle magazines.

This link was a real bonus discovery for me with lots of healthy appetizers for holiday entertaining.

Test your "Ghoulish" IQ

1. What do French skeletons say when they sit down to dinner?
2. What did the ghost install on his computer?
3. Where do mummies go swimming?
4. What song did the skeleton sing while he was riding his motorcycle?
5. Where do ghosts water ski?
6. What do baby ghosts drink? 
7. What does a vampire never order in a restaurant?
8. Who looks after haunted houses? 

Answers if you need them:
1. Bone Appetit
2. a scream saver
3. the Dead Sea
4. Bone to be Wild or Ghost Riders in the Sky
5. Lake Erie
6. evaporated milk
7. a stake
8. skelton staff

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