Monday, October 21, 2013

The World According to Bella

My weekend with Sadie ended up with her napping under the table and me exhausted on the stairs. Today it took me all day to catch up on my missed naps. Finally I have enough energy to tell you all that we did. 

Sadie is an English setter. She has lots of energy and doesn't need as many naps like I do. She has been to birding school 3 times and even had her picture on Facebook. Mrs. S told me it was because she was such a good student and well behaved. Sadie doesn't seem to have the same food issues that I do. But sometimes I did see her counter surfing when no one was looking. 

The day was cold but we really liked going on the last boat ride of the season. We were on the look out for loons but only saw two. I can't  figure out where the rest have gone.

After our ride Mr.C did the unthinkable. He took the boat out of the water!! I whined! I love- love-love my boat rides and my evenings spent with Mr. C fishing. But what really got me worried was when Mr. C  put on this funny rubber pants and began to take the dock apart. Oh, this makes me so sad. Do you suppose this means we have to leave the lake now?

When it was dark we had some fun.
Sadie's owners brought this cool thing to fly into the sky. They said it was a sky lantern made out of rice paper. 
             They lit the lantern and it went up and up and over the lake. Till we couldn't see it anymore

Inside we each got our own rawhide bones. I chewed mine quickly and then had to watch Sadie chew hers ever so slowly.
 But I was patient. When she left it unattended I moved in on it and snatched it away. Unfortunately Mr. C made me give it back. 
I did my best to be nice to Sadie all weekend. I shared my toys and my water bowl. And I even let her sit in my hole that I had dug outside in the summer.  
On the last day it rained and rained and then turned to snow. There wasn't much to do. When it was time for Sadie to leave I was envious. There she stood with her brand new camouflaged back pack waiting to go.  
Sadie and her owner often go hunting together. I wondered what things could possibly be in that bag so packed like that.  I heard Mrs. S ask the same thing. We found out that inside it were meds, vest, food, water bowl, first- aid kit, radio collar, toys and lots more stuff. 
 Here is what my bag looks like. Now I know what to put on my Christmas list. 
Mrs. S spent a lot of time cooking over the weekend. Sadie and I were always on high alert waiting for drops. This was one of her more healthy snacks. Clementines with celery to look like pumpkins. 
I liked when she added more of the good stuff. 
 Candy corn is one of my favorites. How about you? 
Love, Bella
PS. Mrs. S thought you'd like this poster


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