Thursday, October 31, 2013

The World According to Bella

The Reveal

I waited till today to show you my Halloween costume. Its way better than the first one Mrs. S thought I should wear which was just plain dumb. It was a silly looking monkey hat with ears that stood out like an elephant and flopped about. She thought I looked hilarious. But I stood my ground and whined and keep shaking my head no-no-no till she got the idea. Then Mrs. S got real smart. She remembered my Texas outfit which I so love. I have worn enough orange at the lake lately to stay safe from the hunters, pink was a nice change. So that is what I wore to the dog park for their annual Halloween parade yesterday. Some said I looked real sweet and was a pretty dog. Lucky Mrs. S added a chinstrap to my hat so it stayed on better. I did not want people to laugh at me. I liked my outfit.
It was chaos at the park as Mrs. S said with all these barking dogs running around in ridiculous outfits. I saw a Santa, cheerleader, a scary looking devil and even a Triceratops. But my favorite was the turkey one that Max wore. I didn’t even recognize him till Mrs. S told me it was him complete with tail feathers. Lily looked lovely in her princess outfit with a sparkly crown and pink skirt. I wondered where they all shopped for their clothes.
I did not win a prize but my buddy Mulligan did. He looked quite sharp in a superman outfit. He had a cape on with a large letter S sewed in the front. His owner got real excited when he got one of the prizes. It was a huge and a mean huge rawhide bone. I was happy just to get a bag of mini milk bones. 
I think the owners had more fun than the dogs.
After all the excitement I had to go home and take a nap. 

Love, Bella

HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our house to yours

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