Saturday, January 9, 2016

The World According to Bella

A Night of Terror
Do you believe in divine intervention? Do you believe in miracles? Mrs S does. A night of sheer terror unfolded yesterday. Me missing, Mrs. S calling 911, 8 medical people at our house with three emergency vehicles, Mr.C with his head and leg hurting and Mrs. S distraught and hysterical not knowing who to worry about first me gone or Mr. C bleeding. 

I'm not sure watching this show on javelinas would have helped us. 

Mr.C and I were just returning from our late evening walk It was really dark when all of sudden six javelinas  showed up. Mr.C was trying hard to be in control pulling me back on the leash but I spun him around, he lost his grip on my leash and fell over. Then I bolted off after one javelina with my leash dragging behind. I didn't  mean to have Mr.C fall down, hit his head and hurt his leg. I just wanted to chase these javelinas around the house down to the arroyo. 

The way I heard the next part of the story from Mrs. S was she called 911. Mr. C was hurting bad and had to be taken to the hospital. I heard many people searched the neighborhood for hours looking for me. I can tell you I was not having one bit of fun. It was just plain scary out there with coyotes howling. I had no idea where my house was. I was confused.  Around 2:00 AM Mrs. S got a ride from the hospital to lock up the house, and go back to check on Mr. C. So now are you ready for the miracle and divine intervention? Mrs. S decided she should try one more time to look for me. Her friend drove up the street following the same route we take each day for our walk. At the very end of cul de sac she got out. I heard her calling my name over and over. I was exhausted from running for four hours. Mrs. S spied me on the side of the house. I was shivering and terrified being lost in the desert. It was indeed a miracle she found me at that very given moment. 

I got a ride to the ER. We needed to check up on Mr.C. I was real worried about him.  Some people even cheered when they saw me come in the lobby as they all had heard this frightful tale. 

I am happy to report Mr.C did not have any life threatening injuries. His head wound turned out okay but his leg and butt are really sore. 
I spent all day in bed recuperating,
 dreaming about chasing javelinas and being lost.
Mr.C is also recuperating. He has new hardware to use.
Wish me luck while Mr.C recuperates as I'm under new management. 

Before I end this tale Mrs. S wants me to be sure and mention two very special people who helped us a lot, Sheila and Spence. We kept them up real late last night.   
Love, Bella 

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  1. Oh, my, I am thankful this story had a happy (or at least not super bad) ending. Hugs and prayers.