Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Room 13 Graduates

An invitation to be a surrogate mother/grandma for the kindergarten graduation was a first for me. Their teacher (my daughter) was concerned some might feel left out if a parent or grandparent was unable to come for the special occasion.   
Spirits were high as I entered the room. All were dressed in their Sunday best and many found waiting a bit hard. Lucky the centers were still open and they played with gusto. Check out the outfits and big smiles on their faces.  

Book bags were packed and their school folders with work inside were neatly placed on their desks to share with their guests.  
Here are some of the Class of 2029 grads just before they lined up.  
The gym was packed with families and friends holding balloons and flowers. Most had camera in hand ready to capture the special moments of the afternoon.
The excitement heightened as the six kindergarten classes took their places in front.
 Each class did three songs. One of the classes even did a dance 
The performances were perfect and the crowd roared with enthusiasm as each name was read for their kindergarten certificate.  
After the ceremony parents visited the classroom and took more photos. What a memorable day for all!
My job was the easiest one I've had this school year. I enjoyed watching all the excitement unfold and being part of the festivities. And I want to add there was 100% attendance for students' families!! 

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