Monday, January 25, 2010

Sock Special

Part Three
SOCKLAND MID-SEASON CLEARANCE blazed across the billboard in red letters. As the passengers read TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE a man yelled, "What a deal!”
“Sorry to give you all a scare stopping so suddenly, exclaimed Rocky Socky. My friend Moxie just radioed me about this sale sign that just went up early today. She was sure we would want to make a stop before heading to the sock bank.”
Will began to imagine all sorts of possibilities purchasing mismatched socks. He was sure these socks would increase his chances of finding a matched pair at the sock bank. In return he would be lucky to get a gold coin.
A weird feeling came over Will as he stepped off the bus. He found himself shrinking to a smaller size as he entered Sockland.
A line was already forming in front of the Sock Mart. Sock fairies who are usually known to avoid humans did not seem to pay attention to any of the Sockland Express passengers. Will could feel the excitement in the air as everyone waited expectantly for the store to open. At 11:00 SHARP the doors opened!

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