Saturday, August 28, 2010

Northwoods Book Arts Festival

The Northwoods Book Arts Festival in Hackensack today was a huge success. Not only was the weather great but it was well attended. There were an impressive number of artists, regional authors and poets. I enjoyed working there and meeting a lot of new people. I was certainly surprised to see one of the picture book authors. She was from the Twin Cities and I had taught her children a number of years back. I had an opportunity to read two poems that I had submitted for the poetry reading. While I did not win any awards I really enjoyed the experience. If you would like to see some of the photos I took they will posted on the following website: in the next few days.
Finding the dragonfly recently near my porch door (photo posted on a recent blog) inspired me to revise the following poem.
aerial acrobats
darting about
scooping up mosquitoes
for a tasty meal.

hover airborne
moving upward-downward
and even side to side.

translucent wings
glisten in the light
speed demons
blitzing at a fast pace.

often mistaken for fairies
pay close attention
for only one is
watching and waiting
to play tricks on you.

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