Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Welcome to Kindergarten

I knew the morning was going to be full. I saw a list on the board. The letter for the day S.
When I arrived everyone was in their seat busily working on a huge math project. 
Have you ever stopped to think about all the steps that are involved in cutting out number strips into squares, gluing the squares to match the number word and then counting the dots? For some even the skill of cutting along an edge can be challenging. 
This young lady was quite intent on her task 
and proud of her work.
Next they moved on to practicing writing their names and identifying the letters. One surprise was a boy who was able to write his name fairly legibly but unable to name each letter. 
They watched their teacher demonstrate a project, sang some songs, had a morning meeting, listened to a story and managed to get all through the tasks listed on the board by lunch recess time 11:45. This was no small feat! 
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