Monday, March 8, 2010

The Best for Last

Chapter Eleven: An Unexpected Destination
"Today was what we call in the industry That's A Wrap. We arrived at the Davis and Sons' office early in the morning. I expected to do one last photo shoot and was I ever surprised when they announced a change in plans. They handed me a brochure and that's when I screamed in surprise and absolute delight. I have been wanting to go to this place throughout the whole trip but knew our time was limited. The brochure was for the Sock Sanctuary. Now get this there are only three in the world and one is right here on an island between Maui and Molokini. It is a refuge place for unclaimed socks. Sock donations are also accepted there. I found out from looking through the brochure that all these recyclable socks have been washed and are sold as clean items. Throughout the trip I have seen multiple sock donation boxes on the island and have wondered where these socks would be taken to. The chain of Hawaiian Islands seems a perfect location for The Sock Sanctuary. Of all the states Hawaii is the most likely to have people who discard their socks in favor of sandals so there is a surplus. In addition Hawaii is a tourist destination that has the most people who will need socks when they return to the mainland. I was excited to read that their adoption center would be open today. It is a shelter place that provides a temporary home for sock creatures to stay while waiting to be adopted into a loving home. Maybe I would even see another sock monkey there.
I was dismayed to hear that we had to sail out of Maalaea Harbor again. After that windy whale watching ride I was not too keen to be back. As soon as we got there I knew we were in for a blustery ride. The trade winds were especially gusty today. For this trip we all used our seat belts so as not to be blown overboard. It was a 45 minute cruise to the sanctuary. As we approached the dock the captain came on the microphone to tell us due to federal laws that protect this sanctuary, visitors were not allowed to take any pictures. So the only one I have to post is one from a far off distance.
The boat was filled with excited passengers geared for shopping. Some needed socks to wear home, others were looking for a missing mate to a sock and some were just hopeful to adopt a sock creature. I was happy to be off the boat and on land. My stomach felt queasy.
The grounds around the sanctuary were quite tropical. And oh the waterfall was just breathtaking. The scattered plumeria trees gave off a fragrant smell.
The largest building was like a huge warehouse. The sign overhead said Welcome to the Sock Sanctuary. Outside the building were two metal boxes much like our mailboxes labeled Sock Donations. When you entered inside there were rows of cash registers and lots of help. The aisles were clearly marked Used Socks Men, Women, Girls, Boys and Infants. The shelves were brimming with every imaginable kind of sock like duckies, ladybugs, basketballs, palm trees, hearts, stripes and on and on. After we made our choices as we exited the store there was a sign that said Thank You For Helping Our Recycling Efforts.
When we went next door to the sock creature shelter there was another sign that said Adopt A Sock Creature and Give It A loving Home. I was not prepared for what happened next. There was shelf after shelf of every kind of sock creature you could ever think that could be made from socks. There were a variety of sea creatures, cats, dogs, horses, fish and the list goes on and on. Each sock creature had an expectant look on their face that seemed to say: choose me, choose me. All of a sudden I could feel a lump in my throat, my heart beating fast and I could hardly breathe. There squished in the corner of the shelf was another sock monkey but about half my size. He looked longingly at me like he needed a friend. My traveling companions could see my concern and distress. And it was at that very minute my life changed when I spoke up and said...
Since my tale is now getting on the long side check back later to hear how in one instant I made a life changing decision."

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