Friday, March 5, 2010

"Thar She Blows"...line from Moby Dick

Chapter Nine: Whale Watching
"Looking out to sea the boat heaved up and down, swells swirled, whitecaps bobbed about and guess what? The 65 ft. catamaran hadn't even left the shore. I really wasn't sure this boating activity was for me. The winds were blustery over 50 MPH as we motored out of the second windiest harbor in the U.S. called Maalaea to find Humpback Whales. I had to hang real tight to the railing for fear of being blown off the boat. When we were a ways from the harbor things calmed a little and for the next few hours our eyes were glued to the seas looking for the appearance of the dorsal fin followed by whales breaching up and out of the water and fins slapping as they came down. Since it was so windy and so much movement on the boat picture taking proved challenging. But we managed to get a few good ones to post.
Did you know that Maui is a migratory place for Humpback whales from Alaska? I was surprised to learn these whales weigh up to 40 tons. It was also amazing to learn that mother carries a baby 11 months and when the calf is born it weighs some 3,000 lbs. Now that's a BIG baby!
After whale watching I snuck up to the captain's chair to get my picture taken.
This weekend we are island hopping. I hope to get my picture taken on Hawaii's most famous beach."

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