Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Little Bit of This and... A Little Bit of That

The city became a little bit of country when I looked out the window early this morning and saw not one wild turkey but seven!! The last two in a line had their tails fanned out. I tried to be quick getting a picture but only managed one taken from window. What an amazing sight.
Speaking of sights I hope you have taken the time to look at the moon the past few nights. What a spectacular sight. Especially Monday night when there was a hallo haze encompassing the moon.
Another dazzling array of sights is Macy's annual spring show. This year they have taken the spring concept to new heights with a lot of visual greenery in hanging balloons and baskets suspended in mid air.
I have posted a few pictures.
Perhaps some of you are thinking of entertaining this weekend. If I am not too late before you do some serious food shopping I will be posting a variety of brunch recipes on Thursday. The recipes include a pear salad, salmon fillets, chocolate dipped strawberries, a potato dish and almond cake with cherry sauce.
Lastly, I recently heard from Rocky Socky that one of his bus runs to the Sock Mart was quite detained as Will had to rescue Holokai from the Sock Security. It was a very close call!

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  1. Fun to hear about turkeys in your yard. We, too, have country residents in our yard...a mallard duck couple have arrived in our swimming pool this week to enjoy frolicking, deep diving and sunning themselves. They have come and gone all week. Maybe they are resting on their migration north?
    I, too, am making chocolate dipped stawberries for Easter brunch. I will enjoy seeing your recipe on Thursday.