Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Kid on the Block

Before continuing with new adventures of Rocky Socky, his friends and life in Sockland this is a synopsis of the story so far...
In late January Rocky Socky had a sledding mishap with his friends Moxie and Sully. His injuries required a visit to Dr. Micheal's office. It was here Rocky got the bad news his arm was broken and he needed stitches on his forehead. The worst part was being out of work, a job he dearly loved, for six weeks till his arm healed. Fortunately his friend Sully was able to fill in as driver for the Sockland Express bus. Rocky wasted no time feeling sorry for himself and decided a trip out West would be the best medicine as he recuperated. He found two traveling companions who were eager to tag along on his adventures. Once they hit Las Vegas all the action began. With a stroke of good luck Rocky Socky had a chance to film a commercial for Kia Sorento, a car dealership. And just like that he became an overnight star. The commercial was shown during the Super Bowl game and has been playing on TV ever since. After leaving Las Vegas they had many fun adventures exploring parts of California before returning home.
Rocky Socky had barely settled in with home life when he got a job offer in Maui for two weeks that he could not refuse. An ad agency wanted Rocky to be their mascot for a tourist brochure they were developing for a local hotel. Of course Rocky Socky had no trouble persuading his traveling companions to accompany him on a new adventure. Davis & Sons, an ad agency, treated all them well and they had a splendid time seeing all the sights. Toward the end of the trip they all visited The Sock Sanctuary which is on an island off the coast of Maui. It was here at the Sock Shelter, a sock creature named Holokai (a Hawaiian name that means seafarer) entered their lives and was adopted by Rocky Socky.
Holokai returns home to live with Rocky Socky. He is introduced to everyone at the Hawaiian luau given by Rocky Socky's friends in his honor.
Note his photo has been posted.
And so a new story begins ...Chapter One: Back to Work
Will steps aboard the Sockland Express bus.
"Good Morning, Will. It is so good to see you. Sully told me all about the excitement with you and Eva winning the Sockathon competition."
"Rocky Socky, I really missed you. It did not seem quite the same having a different bus driver."
"So Will I want you to meet my new friend Holokai. He is living with me now. He comes all the way from Maui," said Rocky Socky excitedly.
"Wow, this must be a big adjustment for you after being near the ocean," said Will.
"Yes," said Holokai is his tiny soft voice. "But I do love having a place to call my own now, rather than sitting at the shelter on the shelf day after day waiting for someone to adopt me."
"So do you miss anything about your old life?" asked Will.
"Well I do miss the sounds and smells of the ocean," said Holokai (with maybe just a bit of sadness in his voice).
"I have an idea Holokai, why don't you come with me today to the Sock Bank. I am looking for another missing sock and you could help me," said Will in an excited voice.
"What is a Sock Bank?" asked Holokai. "It seems strange to me there are no big boxes outside on street corners that say Sock Donations. In Maui hardly anyone wears socks and tries to get rid of them. But here everyone seems to have socks on. Though I have noticed they are not always matching!"
But before Will could answer, Rocky Socky announced over the speaker, "Stop One, Sock Bank!"

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