Thursday, March 4, 2010


Chapter Seven
Wednesday night
I have a wonderful sunset picture to show from last night's film shoot on the beach. When I got back to the hotel my phone messaging service in the room was flashing red and beeping. I was a little alarmed listening to messages from Sully, Moxy and even Roxy. I couldn't imagine what the problem could be, but thought it must be something with the Sockland bus. So I took a deep breath and placed a call to Sully. I knew it was the middle of the night with the time change, but I just had to know.
A very sleepy Sully answered.
"Sully, I got your message. What happened?" asked Rocky Socky in a worried voice.
"Rocky Socky, you never believe what happened. Remember when I told you that Will was going back to Sockland to meet his new friend Eva, the sock fairy at the Sockathon?"
"Yes, was it fun for him?"
"Well he won, he won! said Sully in a excited voice. Will was wearing his lucky socks and he and Eva were able to outlast all the others in the competition. You should have seen how light he was on his feet. They danced all night and just before daybreak the winners were announced."
"Well what did he win?"
"They got a Sockathon trophy and a bag of gold coins. But just as the prizes were awarded there was a huge commotion in the back of the room. Some sock security were yelling that's him!"
"Oh my gosh what happened then?" asked Rocky Socky in a breathless voice.
"The security started chasing them, but Eva and Will were faster and went out the back door. Lucky for Will I was driving down the road for my first run of the day. He hopped on and we drove away as fast as I could before the security could catch us."
"Did he get home safely Sully?"
"That he did and has a bag of gold coins to show. Eva kept the trophy."
"I am anxious to talk with him and see these coins. Winning that Sockathon must have been so fun." said Rocky Socky in a very relieved voice.
They talked longer and Rocky Socky promised to call over the weekend.

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