Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Claude Monet

In France, the traditional Aperitif is a ritual. French people like to sip fruit juice or an alcohol drink before dinner. A light snack is traditionally served. As tradition goes guests clink glasses and offer a toast during the Aperitif. Sante is the cheer often used.
This is a picture of the Aperitif we had several times on our trip called Kir cassis. It is made with creme de cassis and dry white wine or some other light bodied red wine like a Rose. It was named after Felix Kir, the mayor of Dijon. He was known for serving this drink to his guests.
How To Make Kir cassis
1/3 oz. creme de cassis
3 oz. dry white wine or champagne or a light bodied red wine like a Rose
In a wine glass pour creme de cassis then pour wine over it and serves one
It would be appropriate today to have this drink in honor of Claude Monet's birthday.  

Claude Monet 
November 14,1840-December 5, 1926
Monet was the founder of French Impressionist style of painting. His works focused on landscape scenes and his favorite flower, the water lily. 
The Woman in the Green Dress

This painting brought Monet recognition in 1866. It was one of the many works featuring his first wife Camille Doncieux.

These two paintings are two of his most famous on display at the Musee d' Orsay in Paris. 

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