Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Madrid City Sights Part One

By the Numbers
It took us two planes, one connection, 10-1/2  hours total flying time, 12 hours total from Minneapolis Airport to Madrid Airport arriving to Madrid, the capitol of Spain on February 14th. Note we did lose a night's worth of sleep.    
Fun Facts
  • It's population has grown by more then two million since the 1900's.
  • Madrid is about 650 meters above sea level which makes it the highest capital city in Europe.
  • Madrid's flag symbol is a bear on its hind legs eating berries. This is meant to show Madrid's growth, and it represents possession and ownership of the wood used to construct buildings.
  • Madrid is home to Real Madrid FC, which is said to be the most successful football (or soccer) club of the 20th century.
  • Madrid is also home to the Warner Brothers Movie World which is Spain's own version of Disney World.
  • In Madrid, taxi drivers tend to stop working when a down pour comes because they have no faith in the taxi's ability to protect from the rain.
  • Madrid has a Safari Park with many different varieties of animals.
  • Madrid contains a very large flea market, El Rasto, open on Sunday mornings.
  • The largest airport of Madrid (& Spain) is called Barajas and is just outside the city.
  • The name Madrid comes from the Arabic word "magerit", which means 'place of many streams.'
  • One of the greenest cities in Europe is Madrid.
  • Since the 17th century, Madrid has been the capital of Spain.
  • Has the "Golden Triangle" which is basically three major art galleries that are pretty close to each other.
  • The citizens of Madrid are otherwise known as "Gatos" (cats) because of the historical legend involving the Arabic invasion and a soldier who could climb walls like a cat.
  • The average rainfall a year in Madrid is 17 inches.
  • Madrid has the more cloudless days then any other place in Europe. That means its mostly always sunny in Madrid!
  • Restaurant Zotin is the oldest restaurant in the word established in 1725.
Enjoy some of the sights of a densely populated city with lot of concrete and little green space.  
Outdoor flower markets ready for valentine shopping.
 A very high apartment building over 40 floors.
Monument to Cervantes-Don Quixote and his sidekick Sancho Panza

Al fresco dining in brisk outdoor temperatures 50 degrees and we did not see any snow
What a holiday treat for us viewing the city sights.  

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  1. And here I thought your travels were leading to Arizona. I was quite surprised to see your destination was Spain. Enjoy your time there.