Saturday, March 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Ezra Jack Keats

March 11, 1916-May 6, 1983
Keats was one of the first children's book authors to introduce multiculturalism into mainstream children's books using an urban setting. His stories primarily are about the experiences of inner city black children, their family life and simple pleasures of daily routine.
His first book "The Snowy Day" won him a Caldecott award. 
Keats developed the use of collage as medium for illustrations in all his books. He illustrated 33 books and wrote 22 of them. Perhaps some of these book pictures below are ones you have read and enjoyed growing up or shared with children in your life. 

A bit of Keats trivia:
There is a skating rink named after him in Japan which commemorates one of his books "Skates."
PS 253, a school in Brooklyn, is named after him
He was the first children's author to illustrate greeting cards for UNICEF
There is an Ezra Jack Keats Foundation that creates many programs that support children and educators. This link gives more information

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