Thursday, July 27, 2017

The World According to Bella

A Milestone 
I am ten this weekend and in people years that makes me past  middle age. Mrs. S is also celebrating a birthday but I don't think she's ten.  I was hanging out in my hole when Mrs. S surprised me with an early gift, one of my favorite treats sugar snap peas. It even came attached with a balloon. 
I overheard Mr. C and Mrs. S discussing a party and guests. I do hope Sadie and Luna can come but Mrs. S will need to buy more rawhide bones as our supply is running low. I saw a picture of the doggie party cake Chunk got and wonder if I'll get one too. I wish we all could go on a boat ride but the motor does not work.  

Last week we all had a rather scary ride. The motor stopped working and we were very far from home. Mr. C only had one paddle and it was real windy. He kept paddling but we were going nowhere and being blown away from shore. But leave it to Mrs. S to save the day. She stood up in the boat and kept yelling at our neighbors to come and rescue us. They were having a party and did not hear us for what seemed like a longtime. FINALLY they came with their boat and we got a tow home. 
I was a little nervous so I kept a close eye on our neighbors as we were pulled along. 
Everyday we go to the mailbox I keep hoping for a card or two. Chunk is always good about remembering my special day.   

Hope your summer is going good. Mine has been great with lots  of fun stuff. And Mrs S thinks I've been doing a fantastic job on yard patrol. No critters have eaten her flowers and plants. Even the hydrangeas are still blooming! 

Love, Bella  

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