Thursday, July 27, 2017

The World According to Bella

A Milestone 
I am ten this weekend and in people years that makes me past  middle age. Mrs. S is also celebrating a birthday but I don't think she's ten.  I was hanging out in my hole when Mrs. S surprised me with an early gift, one of my favorite treats sugar snap peas. It even came attached with a balloon. 
I overheard Mr. C and Mrs. S discussing a party and guests. I do hope Sadie and Luna can come but Mrs. S will need to buy more rawhide bones as our supply is running low. I saw a picture of the doggie party cake Chunk got and wonder if I'll get one too. I wish we all could go on a boat ride but the motor does not work.  

Last week we all had a rather scary ride. The motor stopped working and we were very far from home. Mr. C only had one paddle and it was real windy. He kept paddling but we were going nowhere and being blown away from shore. But leave it to Mrs. S to save the day. She stood up in the boat and kept yelling at our neighbors to come and rescue us. They were having a party and did not hear us for what seemed like a longtime. FINALLY they came with their boat and we got a tow home. 
I was a little nervous so I kept a close eye on our neighbors as we were pulled along. 
Everyday we go to the mailbox I keep hoping for a card or two. Chunk is always good about remembering my special day.   

Hope your summer is going good. Mine has been great with lots  of fun stuff. And Mrs S thinks I've been doing a fantastic job on yard patrol. No critters have eaten her flowers and plants. Even the hydrangeas are still blooming! 

Love, Bella  


  1. Double happy birthdays to you, Sue, and to Bella!

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