Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Plunge

According to Wikipedia a polar bear plunge is an event held during winter where participants enter a body of water despite low temperatures usually to raise money for charitable organizations.
Many of these Polar Bear events are held throughout the US as well as Canada and other countries. FYI: Maryland can boast about having the Plungapolooza, which is the largest Polar Bear plunge event in the US with over some 12,000 participants raising well over 2 million dollars for Special Olympics.
But really I think it just as noteworthy when some local residents plunged into the frigid lake waters of northern Minnesota for the Polar Bear Plunge. Be aware that the outside temperatures hovered around 14 degrees and a water temperature at 34. But for the end of January in northern Minnesota this is considered a balmy temperature.
Wonder what the temperature is like in Maryland???
I was in awe watching teams of people wearing only their summer swimming attire take the plunge into the lake. The proceeds from this event went to support the work of a medical clinic in the local community.
Enjoy the photos :)

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