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Monday, May 8, 2017

A Minnesota Love Story

It’s a hundred miles to nowhere
And nowhere’s where I’ve been
Can’t seem to get to somewhere
Though I keep trying

Though Elisa Korenne’s song describes being close to nowhere, Elisa has gotten somewhere with her newest project, a memoir called “Hundred Miles to Nowhere: An Unlikely Love Story.” She is an author, writer songwriter and performer. Elisa specializes in live performances where she performs stories based on her oddball character studies.

Elisa’s music and writing portray the independent sensibility of an indie artist. Her most recent CD Concrete is a scrapbook of songs that chronicle defining moments and eccentric personalities she encounters along the way. The slinky, funk rock songs sung with Elisa’s expressive voice span a pivotal point in her life when a Brooklyn girl meets a Minnesota guy, falls in love and moves to the Midwest to start a new life.
Elisa’s songs from Concrete propelled the story of her move into a lyrical humorous touching memoir “Hundred Miles to Nowhere.” The book describes how a singer songwriter found somewhere, and someone in the middle of nowhere. Lyrics posted at the beginning of each chapter are from a variety of songs found from her albums which then creatively segues into the narrative.

Elisa’s versatility is evident in words and music. The words are musical and her music is lyrically expressive. Her songwriting skills serve her well on her debut memoir. Each word and line is carefully chosen and crafted with the focus and care of song lyrics for which she has become known. It’s a narrative tale of self -discovery written with humor, candor and humility. She shares her feelings with boldness and authenticity. It’s a Minnesota love story where two opposite people, with different interests and background meet in the middle of nowhere and build a relationship where love triumphs all despite the challenges and obstacles that came their way. We root for Chris and Elisa as they carve out a new life on the frontier of New York Mills, MN.

Elisa engages readers with her storytelling skills and keen sense of observation as she chronicles life in Minnesota surviving cold winters and a tornado, puzzling over strange foods with odd names, finding her niche within the community, developing relationships with neighbors and writing group and gaining understanding of up north mentality. All of the stories in the book give the reader glimpses into Elisa’s new life.

As an author Elisa’s challenge is to remain faithful to who she is. Her work is all about cultivating empathy and opening hearts to be a positive presence in the world. It took Elisa four years to complete the book as she herself sought out various opportunities to improve her writing along the way.

Living in Minnesota has taught Elisa to appreciate quiet, nature, slowing down and learning how to live in harmony with the land. She says “Maybe home was not a place, or a destination, but a connection to another person."

Check out Elisa’s rockstar website listen to her music and pre-order her book.

Book Launch June 10 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Cultural Center in New York Mills, 24 N Main Avenue, New York Mills, MN

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article submitted to Lakes Area Living Magazine May issue 2017 by Sue Ready

1 comment:

  1. Another interesting read. It seems more and more we are hearing about East Coasters who are relocating to the Midwest after falling in love with someone from the area.


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