Thursday, June 20, 2019

Out and About in Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen State Park is the most famous of the Finger Lakes State Parks, with a reputation for leaving visitors spellbound. Within two miles, the glen's stream descends 400 feet past 200-foot cliffs, generating 19 waterfalls along its course. The gorge path winds over and under waterfalls and through the spray of Cavern Cascade. Rim trails overlook the gorge.
Note: there are 650 stone steps to Rainbow Falls. If really ambitious, one can climb 150 more steps straight up to reach the Jacobs Ladder marker. 
I started out with a positive I can do attitude, 650 steps hey no problem!

The 19 waterfalls with breathtaking views of the gorge and stunning rock formations along the way were enough to keep me going. 

But somewhere around 500 I really began to slow down. Perhaps it was the slippery, slimy surfaces of the steps that kept gong up and up, lack of handrails, trying to navigate puddles along the stone path so my new tennis shoes wouldn't get too wet or maybe because I skipped breakfast I simply lacked the stamina. But I was determined. After what I call an arduous climb I made it to Rainbow Falls marker though at this point it suddenly occurred to me now I had to retrace my steps back down which when all said and done totaled 1,300 steps. My daughter went on ahead for 150 more steps to the Jacobs Ladder marker. At the top she discovered a small cemetery and a place to buy water.  
Oh the things we saw along the way. We passed a lady who told us it was her  second trip of the day to the top, another young woman (obviously a runner how she was dressed) went flying past us running the stairs at full speed, several women chose to climb in flip flops and many, many wanted just the right photo so were leaning or standing on the wet ledges. 

Next Stop Watkins Glen Raceway
With a nod to my husband's 30 some years of car racing we needed to check this racetrack out. It was closed at the time we were there but we enjoyed seeing the area. Watkins Glen International welcomes guests on a nearly daily basis April through October.
Patrons may take their personal vehicle for three-paced laps around the storied road course for $25.00 at selected times which would have been fun to do. Mostly sports car races are held here and 1 NASCAR event. Since the town is small it's a mystery to us where all these visitors eat and sleep on racing days. 

Did You Know
Finger Lakes Wine Country
 is the largest wine producing region in the U.S. east of California, with over 130 wineries, plus wine tours, wine festivals and wine bars. There are five wine trails; Cayuga, Seneca, Keuka,  Canandaigua, and Lake Ontario. The 11 finger lakes create a microclimate that provides ideal growing conditions for vineyards. We checked out several wineries along the Seneca Lake which sit high up on the bluffs overlooking the lake. The views were breathtaking.   
 Each winery we visited had their own distinctive charm 
and creative approach. One winery had wine pairings with cookies another with chocolate. 

The town of Corning with a visit to Rockwell and Corning Museums.


  1. WOW! What a climb but your pictures are fabulous so it must have been well worth it!

  2. I visited Watkin's Glen nearly 30 years ago! It was quite a climb but the views were spectacular! Found you at the Bloggers Pit Stop #178


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