Sunday, April 16, 2017

Peeps Weekend Round-Up

A springtime tradition at the Pioneer Press paper in St, Paul, MN is the annual Peeps diorama contest.  Its here imagination goes wild as participants make creative dioramas on a variety of themes. 
The following article was from April 16, 2017 Pioneer Press Sunday paper. 
2017 Pioneer Press Peeps Awards
by Bob Shaw

The Pioneer Press Peeps Diorama Contest entries show a growing number of serious themes — ranging from political commentary to tributes to the dead to commemorations of historic events. Could it be that Peeps, in the contest’s 14th year, are evolving into a legitimate artistic medium?

This year there were plenty of frivolous pop-culture entries depicting movies, TV shows and books. But the entries included 11 related to various political marches and four honoring deceased hometown hero Prince.

Six were apparently pro-Trump, or at least respectful. Two were opposed. One showed the spirits of dead people ascending into heaven, and another depicted the Dakota pipeline protest.

Jill Schaefer of Minnetonka was not joking when she used Peeps to memorialize the 90,000-person women’s march in St. Paul on Jan. 21. “It was super-moving to me — so many people coming out and speaking their mind,” said Schaefer. “I am commemorating an important event in history. It was so impressive.”

As another sign of an evolving art form, Peeps artists have begun to debate about their craft. Some say it’s best to let the Peeps grow stale and hard, others say fresh Peeps are the best for use in art. “Peeps are very sticky to work with. But they tend to get wrinkled when they are stale,” said Rod Bland of St. Paul, who received honorable mention with a DNA-themed diorama.

As an artist, he’s searching for the perfectly aged Peep. “There is a sweet-spot in there somewhere,” he said.

And the winners are...
First Place

Moby Peeps
Second Place
Beauty and the Peep
Third Place
Peeple Rain
Honorable Mention
Peeps March
I did like this pun  
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Cook's notes: Some previous postings of creative ideas using Peeps.
Imaginative Peeps Poetry  
Ode To A Marshmallow Peep
by Tara
O Marshmallow Peep! O Peep of my heart!
Thy sugary goodness delights me—
Thy bright yellow outside,
Thy soft squishy inside—
Such delicate texture excites me!

O Marshmallow Peep! O Peep of my love!
Thy chicken-like shape is so dandy—
Thy soft curving tail
Thy small pointy beak—
The planet’s most marvelous candy!

O Marshmallow Peep! Oh Peep so divine!
With all of these blessings I shower thee—
But I can’t sit and stare
And admire thee there—
I’d surely much rather devour thee!

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  1. Thanks for making me smile on this Monday morning with this PEEP art. I personally don't like PEEPS.

    Yesterday I ate something close--marshmallows in fruit cocktail served with Easter dinner at my mom's nursing home. When I was given the option of two salads, I thought fruit meant fresh fruit. I was, oh, so wrong.