Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peeps Contest and the winners are...

Well I certainly could not let this holiday weekend pass by without sharing  some of the Peeps winners. There are online 197 creative entries to view if you follow this link 
2013 Pioneer Press Peeps Contest Winners
The following is part of Richard Chin's article 3/29/13 in the Pioneer Press paper.
The Marshmallow Peep turned 60 this year.
How strange to think the Pioneer Press Marshmallow Peeps Diorama Contest has been around for about a sixth of that time.
Back when we came up with the idea in 2004 to fill some space in the Easter Sunday paper, we weren't sure any readers would go along with the concept of making dioramas populated by anthropomorphic corn syrup and gelatin. So we were delighted to receive more than 40 entries that first year.
How were we to know that the contest would grow in popularity to the point that we would get hundreds of entries per year? Or that the idea would spread to newspapers around the country, not to mention such specialty publications as the American Bar Association Journal or the University of Chicago magazine?
This year, 220 dioramas and videos vied for recognition.
Current events -- including the gay marriage debate, the use of drones in U.S. airspace, cruise ship disasters, binders full of Peeps, the closing of the downtown St. Paul Macy's and the Sandy Hook shootings -- also became dioramas this year.
Diorama makers were inspired by sports, including football, baseball, tennis, roller derby, cross-country skiing, pro wrestling and the Olympics. And by dance crazes: the Harlem Shake and Gagnam Style.
It was also a year for requiems for a snack cake. We got three versions of Peeps mourning at a funeral for the dearly departed Twinkie.
Classic tales, ranging from Frankenstein to Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Seuss, also became diorama fodder
First Place Life of Pie
Second Place Rest in Peep to Our Fellow Treat 
This diorama is a requiem for the Twinkie but when the group went to make their entry were unable to find any Twinkies in stores so had to substitute a Little Debbie Cloud treat for it :)
Third Place Bunny-Hi-Drive-In Theater  
The following are some other imaginative entries
  Peeps Hungry Games
Peeps Reading (check out the book selection) 
Peeps Gettysburg Reading
Ode To A Marshmallow Peep
by Tara
O Marshmallow Peep! O Peep of my heart!
Thy sugary goodness delights me—
Thy bright yellow outside,
Thy soft squishy inside—
Such delicate texture excites me!

O Marshmallow Peep! O Peep of my love!
Thy chicken-like shape is so dandy—
Thy soft curving tail
Thy small pointy beak—
The planet’s most marvelous candy!

O Marshmallow Peep! Oh Peep so divine!
With all of these blessings I shower thee—
But I can’t sit and stare
And admire thee there—
I’d surely much rather devour thee!

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  1. I think the Twinkie funeral should have won. Very creative and time-worthy. But the Life of Pie must have tickled the judges' funny bones.