Friday, March 22, 2013

Imagination Gone Wild

Despite unspring like weather I have found some ideas that will surely brighten your day. All you need is imagination.
These brightly colored Peeps on a stick I found at Target. Join the Peeps  movement that gains momentum this time of the year with a variety of fun ideas. Consider these options...
Peeps smores

Peeps in a Jar

Make homemade brownie mix and place in a ziploc bag on top of Peeps. Be sure to include directions for brownie mix.

Lemonade Peeps swizzle stick with colored sugar rimmed glasses

Peeps Mousse
It is made with chocolate pudding that is layered with Oreo cookie crumbs

Peeps Fruit Compote

Peeps Pretzel
Use frosting and sprinkles to complete the pretzel treat 

Here is a link to the Peeps website for more ideas
I always look forward to Peeps diorama contest sponsored by St.Paul Pioneer Press.
Here are some past winners from 2012
Peeps Muppets

Peepton Abbey
Peeps go to the Oscars

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