Thursday, April 6, 2017

The World According to Bella

Part One Homeward Bound 
My three day ride back home was almost uneventful. Since I still didn't feel too good after the recent garbage incident I slept a lot which made the time go by faster. 
Besides there wasn't much else to do but rest. I was definitely OD'd on rest stops and gas stations. On the last day of the trip back it rained and rained and rained. After several trips outside I decided I was having a bad hair day with my fur soaking wet. As we passed two dead deer on the road I heard Mrs. S say we only have 97 more miles left. But then Mr. C announced one of the tires was losing pressure and almost flat. Lucky we made it to a nearby Walmart for a tire check. I started to worry when the tire guy said our car had to go up on a tire rack for him to figure out what the problem was. Well, I am afraid of heights and it looked pretty high up for me to sit in the car. I think the man thought it wouldn't be a good idea to leave me in the car . It was still raining. So the man was real nice and said we all could go inside to wait and if anyone asks say I am a service dog. Whatever that means. So I laid down on the customer service waiting floor and patiently waited for one whole hour. Really Walmart is not too bad. 
Seems Mrs S ran over a deer bone and it made a hole in the tire.  She took this photo as we were all quite surprised it could damage a tire.    
Needless to say I was super happy to be home and rolled in the grass. It's been a long time since I've seen grass.  
Part Two: An Excellent Adventure 
Besides rolling in the grass I was anxious to get to the dog park and see my doggie friends. I had fun running, sniffing and peeing at all my special places. As we were leaving the dog park and Mr. C was just ready to snap my leash to the collar I spied a bunny. I bolted and ran as fast as I could after it.  After awhile I didn't hear Mr. C 's voice anymore nor see him anywhere. I got tired of waiting and headed home. I knew where to go as we go the same way everyday. Apparently this lady saw me walking down her street and figured I was lost which I was not. She brought me inside her house. And that's when Mrs S got a call that I had been found. She didn't even know I was lost. After several phone calls Mr. C was directed to the right house to pick me up. He was surprised to see me happily laying on this stranger's floor chewing on a rawhide bone. I wasn't in any big hurry to leave. 
When we got home Mr. C was in bigger trouble with Mrs S than me. 

Love, Bella


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