Thursday, August 9, 2012

The World According to Bella

Home Alone #3  August 2012

I have never seen the movies Home Alone 1 and 2 but here is my take on 3
This week the unthinkable happened. I was left home alone, unsupervised and   left out side for almost 5 hours. Yep, you read that correctly. My heart still races thinking about being left behind. Mr.C thinks it was my own fault all this happened. He says I was disobedient. Mrs. S was some 180 miles away and could not come to my rescue. Did he not think what could happen leaving me by myself? A bear could attack, bolts of lightning, thunder, rain, bats, hunger pains, scary noises, darkness and lots of loneliness. Where did he need to go? I miss Mrs. S. She would have never allowed this to happen had she been home. 
Here's how all this misery started. I got a real early dinner and went back outside to play. When Mr. C called me to come in I thought it was a game and ran around the house. The more times he called me I just went farther into the woods. I like being outside. Why would I go in. I did not need an AC fix that day and already had my dinner. After awhile I guess Mr. C got tired of calling and waiting and he just left. Imagine that he had somewhere to go that important he couldn't wait around for me to come back!!! Maybe I was a bit naughty not coming when called but really not so bad you would leave me outside all alone for so long. 
After awhile when I got tired of playing and went to the door looking for Mr. C. I barked to be let in. I scratched at the door. Nothing. I went to another door. I barked to be let in. I scratched the door. Nothing. Then I started to worry. No one was around. The car was not in the driveway. It was quiet and it was then I realized I was home alone
I was scared and not having one bit of fun. I laid on my rug on the porch and waited patiently. It started to get dark and dark and then really dark. There were no lights. Time seemed to go so slow. Finally I saw some headlights in the driveway. I had been saved. Lucky me, Mr. C returned. I was so relived and happy to see him. I was worried I'd spend the night outside all alone. I was not forgotten! Maybe next time Mr. C calls my name I should not run away and come. I do not want this ever to happen again being left home alone.     
Love, Bella  

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