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Mary O' Neill 
Children's Writer and Poet
February 16, 1906 - January 2, 1990
One of Mary O' Neill's most popular book, Hailstones and Halibut Bones  (1961), identifies and interprets the spectrum of colors through verse. February 10th's posting featured her poem What is Red?
She is a master at using rhythmic words to convey feelings. The format of this poem from the book The Random House Book of Poetry for Children  conveys the power of word choice.
                                                               Feelings About Words
Some words clink 
As ice in drink
Some move with grace
A dance, a lace.
Some sound thin:
Wail, scream and pin.
Some words are squat:
A mug, a pot,
And some are plump,
Fat, round and dump.
Some words are light :
Drift, lift and bright.
A few are small:
A, is and all.
And some are thick,
Glue, paste and brick.
Some words are sad:
"I never had..."
And others gay:
Joy, spin and play.
Some words are sick:
Stab,scratch and nick.
Some words are hot:
Fire, flame and shot.
Some words are sharp, 
Sword, point and carp.
And some alert:
Glint, glance and flirt.
Some words are lazy:
Saunter, hazy.
And some words preen:
Pride,pomp, and queen.
Some words are quick, 
A jerk, a flick.
Some words are slow:
Lag, stop and grow,
While others poke
As ox with yoke
Some words can fly-
There's wind, there's high;
And some words cry:
by Mary O" Neill

While some poets can write at great length about words, some poets on the subject are brief.
A Word
A word id dead
When it is said, 
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live 
That day.
by Emily Dickinson 

And on a different take... the absence of words here are some of my own lines 
empty spaces
between the words.
speaks volumes.

for that moment 
where words
make a difference.

Kudos to you :) for making it through all these words. I made a plate of chocolate chip cookies just for you. Stay warm! 

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