Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Spotlight on Native American Heritage Month

9 Influential and Powerful Native American Women 

Wilma Mankiller
Susan La Flesche
Maria Tallchief
Pine Leaf
Winoa LaDuke
Elouise Cobell
Ashley Callingbull

12 Influential Native American Leaders
These historical figures left a lasting mark with their leadership, creations, and bravery in battle.

and may your Thanksgiving Day be one of great joy, gratitude and thankfulness. 


  1. Julie from The Bloggers Pit stop, and I love learning more about Native American History via the links you provided. Thanks for sharing at the Bloggers Pit Stop

    Julie Syl Pit Stop Crew

  2. Hi Sue, Our JULIE has asked that your post be featured in our next Blogger's Pit Stop.

  3. thanks posting during November Heritage month is just the tip of the iceberg with so many more things I wished I had posted so look for more thoughts throughout the upcoming months


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