Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Commotion at the Sock Bank

Part Nine:
Rocky Socky had a bit of wait at the airport for his departing flight. He decided to call Sully to see if there were any problems with The Sockland Express. He was lucky to catch Sully who was on his break. "Hey Sully, how is everything going?"
"Great now after the disaster on Friday!"
"What... what happened?" he stammered in a very worried voice.
"It all started when I took over for you on the return trip from the Sock Bank. I parked outside the bank waiting for the passengers to finish up inside. All of a sudden I see Will burst out the door waving something in his hand, running toward the bus with the sock security close behind."
"Then what happened?" asked Rocky Socky.
"Seems like Will caused quite the commotion inside. As he was searching the recycling bin looking for a matched pair, he spied his missing soccer sock. But it was at the very same time another man had just grabbed the sock for himself. The two of them began a real tug of war. Will being determined and I might add stronger, snatched the sock from his hand and ran out the door. The man's yelling caught the attention of the sock security. And then the chase began. The sock security grabbed Will by the arms and dragged him to the Sock Security building near the bank."
"But couldn't you do something? asked Rocky Socky in an alarmed voice."
"I tried, but they kept saying over and over rules are rules. He did not follow them. And then came the worst part... they arrested Will!"
A loud voice came over the loudspeaker All passengers for flight #528 boarding at gate 47G.
"I gotta go Sully, call you later," yelled Rocky Socky in a loud voice over the noise.
The thought of Will being arrested was quite troubling to Rocky Socky as he boarded the plane.
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