Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

Chapter Three: Tsunami Warnings
"How can one the most beautiful places in the world turn so quickly into not such a fun place? What a stressful day and its only 2:00 PM as I write. It all began at 6:00 AM with sirens blaring. Now that got my attention and I might add out of bed!!! Lights from all the buildings came on in a flash. People stood on their balconies looking out into the early morning light got it by now the tsunami arrival. By 7:30 AM at least half of the buildings had been emptied as people fled for safety. And rightly so since the TV produced lots of evidence the worst was yet to come. Within three hours roads, public facilities, shopping areas, water system and beaches in low lying ares were evacuated. Truly a herculean effort by officials on all the islands to get people to safety. We had our bags packed ready to leave at moment's notice. But much to my distress my friend was glued to the TV for update coverage rather than heading for the hills. I knew my emotions were out of control when I put my little hands to my ears and screamed after six hours of TV coverage enough is enough!!! The coast has recently been declared clear and safe so I am out of here to enjoy what's left of the day. It was a huge relief nothing bad happened. As you can guess my first photo shoot was rescheduled for tomorrow.
P.S. Check out the newest sock monkey Kia Sorento ad in the current issue of bon appetit magazine. It shows me in the driver's seat of a 2011 model. Me and my friends are getting ready to make cupcake deliveries for a store called Sprinkles. What a sweet treat to have had that job.

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