Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Visit to Dr. Michael's Office

Before you hear the tale of Rocky Socky's visit to the doctor's office please note that on yesterday's blog regarding brunch recipes there were some errors. Corrections have been made to the blog.
Part Twenty One:
"Rocky Socky, I have been following your travel adventures on your blog. While it does seem like you had a lot of fun you certainly did not do too much resting," said Dr. Michaels in rather a stern voice. "Let's look at these new x-rays and see how your arm is doing."
"But Dr. Michaels, I really did have some long car rides to rest up. I know I shouldn't have climbed so many trees and rocks, but I just wanted to see more. It's not easy being small. And about the Vegas part... it was sooooooo fun! Did you know that the day after the Super Bowl they rated the 10 best commercials and the one I was in got voted Best Road Trip?"
But all I could hear from Dr. Michaels was "hmmm-ohh-hmmm."
I was getting nervous waiting to see what he had to say.
"Well Rocky Socky this certainly is a surprise. Your arm is healing quite nicely. Looks like we can put on a new lighter weight cast. But you have to keep your arm elevated for a few days while the cast fully dries so be very careful not to bump anything. It will need to be on for at least two to three weeks."
Rocky Socky quickly calculated the dates and began to fidget in his seat. He blurted out, "I have exciting news. I got this letter from...."
And he began telling Dr. Michaels all about his new temporary job.

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