Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What A Day!

Part Twelve:
"Finally I was lucky to rent a vehicle that is more my size to get around the city. Unfortunately, I could not use this motorcycle for my ride up the hill to visit the Lick Observatory. It is a very scary trip going up 19 miles to the top of Mount Hamilton with over 300 turns and many of them switchbacks. I felt quite faint and dizzy when I got to the top. My traveling friends know someone who works there and we were lucky to get a private tour of the place. The best part was in the evening looking out this huge telescope at the stars.
When I returned from the observatory I found out that it was a very lucky day for Will. Inside the Sock Bank he found a match in the recycling bin. He was careful to follow the rules and he did not run out the door. He stood in line with his match to get his gold coin from the sock teller. But what I did not find out if this match was his soccer sock. I will have to make another call tomorrow."

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