Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beach Buzz

Chapter 10: The World According to Bella
"Such a pretty dog." "Isn't she cute!" " Can I pet her?" "What a sweet dog." "She seems like such a good dog." Such soft fur" and the comments just go on and on and the speculation as to what my real breed is lab, golden retriever or both. It's fun listening to them play the guessing game.
Hey.. these are some of the remarks from my beach fan club that my people hear everyday. The buzz at the beach...I am making a name for myself these past few weeks and getting noticed which is not a bad thing. Often people cluster in groups and stare in amazement watching me run back and forth on the beach chasing birds at a breathtaking speed. My torpedo speed impresses the crowd though some even worry my heart will fail or I will be swept out to sea by big waves. But hey! They just don't realize I am one tough lady.
But it's those darn birds! They enjoying running me ragged back and forth down the beach always staying out of my reach. I am beginning to think after all this time this is some kind of game for them being elusive.
But back to my beach people just can't believe all the attention I garner and really without trying. I seem to be in demand. The kids like to hug and pet me as well as the big people. I do love all the attention, the pats and warm fuzzies I get. But little do they realize the stress I add to my own people being such a scavenger. Yesterday I ate another crab- shell and all. I am on the countdown now with only 12 more glorious beach days left.
Can life get any better for a dog?
Supermoon Alert:
Today March 21 at 3PM Eastern daylight time the moon will arrive at its closest point to earth since March 1993. At its peak may appear 14% larger and 30 times brighter than lesser full moons of the past.

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