Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Unexpected Surprise

The World According To Bella
All my hard work blogging has finally paid off. I got an offer today from the Rockport, Texas Online Newsletter to publish some of my stories. If you followed my Texas adventures back in February they published my last blog Top Ten Things I learned Visiting Texas.  And yesI do remember how friendly the town was to us.  People would stop and comment on my looks and oh, my, the doggie biscuits that came my way. And I didn't even have to beg for them.  The best place for treats was the Chamber of Commerce. Not only did I get invited inside but several different people working there gave me a treat.  And I never pass up food.  My tummy was nice and full when we left that place.
I am thinking maybe Mr. C and Mrs. S might consider a fall trip back to Rockport.  I so loved the little house on stilts we rented.  And remember those darn cats I watched 24/7? Wonder if they are still there.
My bunny runs lately are keeping me in good shape. But poor Mrs. S she is becoming weary taking me for walks. I am beginning to think she could use some body building courses. 
Yesterday on a walk in the cities, not at the lake I spied a bunny. And I was off and running because yes, Mrs. S again lost her grip on the leash. Really my strength is no match for her. But this time I will admit I went a little crazy. I flew around these yards at a breathtaking speed in hot pursuit of the bunny.  Dragging my leash behind did not slow me down one bit. But the bunny outsmarted me and found a hiding place. I tried my best to find it.  
Mrs. S declared me quite naughty. No matter how much she screamed my name and tried to grab on to my leash I just wouldn't stop. I was so sure I could catch this bunny.  
When I finally gave up I had to listen to Mrs. S all the way home telling me how bad I was.  As you might guess there were not doggie treats for me in my bowl that night. 
Love, Bella

Update on the  book Shoemaker's Wife.  Not since I read Gone With The Wind have I sobbed so much over a book. 
""Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are

the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most
patient of teachers."

by Charles William Eliot 

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  1. Very exciting news about being published. Congratulations!


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