Saturday, April 19, 2014

The World According to Bella

End of the Line
I was held captive in the van for 12 hours except for gas station and rest stops. Never once did I growl or whine even though I was very, very bored.
I spent my time looking out one window and then the other window
 and then checking on the driver to see how many more miles were left of the drive. And napping and then repeat the same thing all over again. 
In fact the drive was so long Mrs. S read an entire book! My A+ behavior was rewarded at the end when Mr. C and Mrs. S agreed we could go right to the dog park even before going home so I could wear off some of my energy. I was beside myself with excitement. When Mrs. S stopped the van and opened the door I flew out before Mr.C could even get my leash on. I knew where the gate was. I was hoping some of my buddies would be there to run and play. Mr. C remembered to bring our gift for Mulligan from Bubba's Bistro just in case he was there.  

Late that night I crashed in my favorite spot under the table. What a trip!
  Mrs. S 's friend sent this to me so I am passing it along.
I am hoping for a basket tomorrow. How about you?
  Love, Bella

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