Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The World According to Bella

It's wrap but I mean for Christmas. 
All the fun is coming to an end. I've eaten more than my share of cookie crumb goodies and had lots of company. Christmas morning I was up early to check on my stocking. 

I knew Santa must have come my way. During the night I heard the jingle of his bells,the ho ho of his laughter and thumps on the roof.  
 I must have been pretty good as I got 2-1/2 things from my list.
A beef flavored rawhide, sugar snap peas 
and here is where the 1/2 comes in. I requested from Santa a vacation. I was hopeful for a beach run but here's what I got
another very large rawhide and my Arizona outfit. Well, needless to say I was overwhelmed.  I didn't know where to begin on this monstrous bone. And thinking of javelinas and a long car ride...
I just went to bed.
It was all more than I could handle.
Love, Bella

1 comment:

  1. Poor Bella. I look forward to warm and sunny posts from Arizona. Safe travels, my friends.


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