Thursday, May 31, 2018

The World According to Bella

A loud POP startled me out of my afternoon nap. I could feel the leaning and skidding to an abrupt stop. I heard Mr. C say a bad word which I can not repeat. All I know after that was confusion with a blowout on the tire and we were on what looked like a very busy highway. Mr. C said we were far away from the lake and very far away from the cities. Every car that zoomed past us shook the van. I was confused as to what Mr. C would do next. Oh and I almost forgot to mention it was very hot outside, our water supply dangerously low, no snacks around that I could see and it was getting close to my dinner time. 

I could hear Mr. C on the phone calling for a tow truck and for Mrs S. to come and rescue us. Lucky she had her own car and was on our same route. I was happy to hear she was on her way. You can always count on Mrs. S for a snack or two.  After what seemed like an eternity a tow truck arrived. I was worried they expected me to get out of the van and climb into what looked like a very high truck with my arthritis. Plus it seemed very dangerous to get out with all the cars going by so fast. Lucky right at this time Mrs. S showed up. First they moved me into her car and then all our belongings had to be moved. Then the police showed up with their flashing lights to help us. By this time I was so stressed out with all the commotion I didn't care about water, snacks or my dinnertime. It was scary watching the van go up and up on a big trailer but I was just happy to be out of the van and riding with Mrs. S to the tire place.  Many hours later we got to the cities. I got my dinner very late and went straight to bed.  

I was tired and this has been a difficult week for me watching all these strange people come to the house and buy stuff. One day Mrs. S's sister came and took my favorite rug from under the dining table.  Hoping to make me feel better Mrs. S spread out my favorite blanket. 
But just as I got comfy someone else came and bought the dining table. Gone in a flash is what I called my "doggie cave. "  But I think I am doing better then Mr. C and Mrs S. I have my own bed but they lost their bed and now have only an air mattress.   

At last check some rooms were empty but there's still lots to sell. I will miss my walks with Mr. C to the dog park and being far away from Mulligan, Sadie and Luna. I am invited to a two day sleepover with Mulligan this week. I am bringing him a present. We bought him some new yellow tennis balls. He will like that. His all time record for number of balls in his mouth is four.   
Monday it's official I will be a permanent lake resident.  

Love, Bella 


  1. What a frightening experience with that tire blow-out. I'm glad all turned out OK, eventually.

    And to watch strangers come and buy your belongings would be difficult. Enjoy full-time lake living.

  2. Wow Sue- I didn't know you were moving to the lake permanently. How exciting- would love to hear the details and all of your plans. Lets plan a lunch/dinner when you are in the cities next. Good luck with the move.


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